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Front AI is a leading company specialized in AI based Service Bots understanding natural language and automating routine contacts in customer service. We help you to provide an automated 24/7 service for your customers. Front AI is initially targeting the Nordic market.

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Chatbot For Dummies

What are the differences between the various chatbot technologies? How to evaluate and find a suitable technology for your needs?

Check out our new complimentary guide that explains the differences and characteristics of the various technologies for automating the customer dialogue (a.k.a Chatbot).


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10 Myths of AI in customer service

Why choose Front.AI?


Robust language understanding

Customers use dialects, slang and incorrect grammar. Thats OK! Our service bots handle these challenges flawlessly and support 22 natural languages (including all the Nordic languages).


Customer identification

The ability to authenticate the identity of users opens up a new world of automation possibilities and is a significant step towards personalized service.


Security and Privacy

Security is of the utmost importance to us and we take our clients and their customers’ safety seriously. Compliance with ISO 27001 and GDPR.



Unlike chatbots, our service bot can handle thousands of different questions and answers simultaneously, with no ceiling limiting future expansion.



The premade modules, in industries such as banking, HR and telecom, make it a quick and easy process to implement a service bot in your organization.


Easy connectivity

A flexible model allows easy connectivity to all backend systems, either via interfaces or RPA.

Improve your efficiency with conversational AI



Informational request solved before routing to human



Less incoming calls



End-users satisfied to the service

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