About Front AI

Our story

World is getting digital. Customer service is getting digital. Customers are using more and more text based communication like Chat, Messenger, WhatsApp,… you name it. Still, we all have experience of chatbots that you can hardly call very ingenious and helpful.


Our goal in Front AI

is to change this and help our customers to implement next generation intelligent Service Bots that understand any language or any dialect and do not mind about spelling mistakes. We implement Service Bots that actually help our customers to perform routine tasks, automatically, without human intervention, tirelessly and 24/7.

Our mission

We help our customers to provide superior customer experience to their clients by using AI based Service Bots that automate routine tasks in our customers’ IT systems.

Our vision

We believe that over half of the customer service contacts can be automated releasing the customer service personnel for more valuable work and human touch for the remaining half.



The founding team of Front AI strongly believes that Conversational AI will be one of the coolest things of Customer Service in the near Future. And we are not alone. We are happy to see that some of the most respected investors and investment companies in the Nordics are sharing the same vision, among them Hippocras LP, funded by Kaikarhenni Oy/Leena Niemistö and European Angel Fund Finland, CapMan Growth -fund and Lifeline Ventures.

Meet some of our Investors: