About Front AI

Our story

Today, we all are using an extensive amount of dialogue-based communication tools such as chat, Messenger, WhatsApp… you name it. Nevertheless, surprisingly few companies provide more than phone or email-based customer service. Or, perhaps, they might deploy an underperforming chatbot that one could hardly call intelligent.

We believe that customers deserve better. Back in early 2019, we decided to do something! Instead of talking, we founded Front AI to drive change in the Nordic markets. We started offering intelligent AI-based service bots that help our clients to automate up to 50% of their customer service operations. Since then, we have implemented a larger number of intelligent Conversational AI solutions than any other company in our market. Our fast growth and a Net Promoter Score of 97%  shows that our vision was right. It is time to change the game!

Our goal in Front AI

Our goal is to change customer service for the better. To achieve this, we help our customers to implement next-generation intelligent Service Bots that understand any language and any dialect and do not mind about spelling mistakes. We implement Service Bots that perform routine tasks, automatically, without human intervention, tirelessly and 24/7.


Our mission

We help our clients to provide superior customer experience to their customers by deploying AI-based Service Bots that automate routine tasks and optimize their customer service.


Over 50% of customer service interactions can be automated: liberating your customer service agents to provide meaningful human interaction with the remaining half of the queries they receive.


Key facts of FrontAI


in 2019

Over 20


HQ in Helsinki

with offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen

12 months run-rate revenue

over 1,5 million euros

2020 growth

over 500%

Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Cumulated funding

over 1 million euros


The founders of Front AI strongly believed back in 2019 that Conversational AI will be one of the coolest innovations in Customer Service this decade. And it seems we are not alone. We are happy to see that some of the most respected investors in the Nordics share the same vision, among them CapMan Growth -fund, Lifeline Ventures and Hippocras, funded by Leena Niemistö and European Angel Fund Finland. What’s more, many of Front AI’s highly motivated staff members own shares, demonstrating their own belief in to the future growth of our company.

Meet some of our Investors:


Want to work with us?

We have a small team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals. Our passion is a happy customer. We are constantly looking for new talent to complement our growing team and help us to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. Send an open application and a CV: info@front.ai