Technology & Integration

Why limit yourself to using simple key word-based technology for basic Q&A when your customers can have human-like conversations with a highly intelligent bot?

Our technology is based on the most advanced AI-based NLP platform on the market. Our virtual assistant can fully understand and correctly respond to any input, in any language and it even processes spelling mistakes or slang expressions. Our solution is fully scalable and available 24/7 as a cloud service. The intuitive GUI makes it extremely easy to deploy and maintain. We can help you integrate your virtual assistant with your back-end systems to provide highly developed transactional services.

Built-in integrations

The Front AI ecosystem integrates seamlessly with our customers’ front-end and back-end solutions. We work together with leading contact centre and messaging channel technology providers to create a superior end-user experience for customers interacting with Conversational AI.


Plug in to any channel

The platform comes with more than ten different communication channels already integrated: including chat, social media, voice, SMS. Simply pick the channels you wish to provide to your customers.


Connect to your existing human chat

If you are already providing a human chat for your customers, we will make it easy for you to combine the bot seamlessly with your existing customer service operations delivered by your service agents. We have ready-made plugins to more than ten of the most common human chat platforms in the market.


More value to your customer with back-end connectivity

Your customers may ask generic questions, but if you want to provide more value, you can also authenticate them and provide more advanced services utilizing their identity and our back-end system connectivity. Our integration platform provides easy integration with any corporate IT solution providers via direct API or RPA-based integration so you can automate service bot requests end-to-end.



Customer authentication is a necessary building block when providing solutions based on customer-specific information or services. Our solution comes with easy connectivity to the most common authentication platforms. We can easily deliver authentication, for example, by using bank ID or AD authentication.