Our services

Our services range throughout the whole Conversational AI journey. We will help you to analyze and understand the tasks in your customer or employee services. We will provide you with the best practices and the best tools for serving your customers in an optimal way whether your customer is a consumer, b-to-b customer, employee, citizen, local resident, or student. Our experienced team will you guide throughout your journey towards the future of digital customer experience. We are a trusted partner when implementing conversational AI customer service.


Find the automation potential in your organization

Does your business have a need for service efficiency and better customer experience? Does it seem that there are no good tools for realizing these ambitions? Is it difficult to verify the benefits of automation compared to the investment?

Challenge us: let’s take a deep dive into Conversational AI.

What are the daily routines in your customer service and customer communication? How can you automate them? How can you calculate the business case? We help you to understand the processes and the numbers to build a successful case and roadmap for automation.



Proof of concept

Do you want to give it a try for your organization?

Would you like more information to support your decision making?

We can help you to build a 10-day proof of concept where you can test the Conversational AI in real-world action – with your own dialogues and your own back-end systems.

We will set up the dialogues in just a few days on the cloud platform so you can see exactly how easy and intuitive it is to train the AI to understand your customers’ requests. See how Conversational AI can help you in defining new standards for your 21st century customer service. We will help you in finding new paths for automating and redesigning the current customer service concepts 24/7.



Train the Conversational AI

We provide you with proven resources and best practices that make the launch of Conversational AI easy and straightforward. In just a few weeks, we will help you to create a fully functional Service Bot that is ready to serve your customers tirelessly around the clock.


Step 1

Automate basic queries

Often the first step in a Conversational AI journey is to automate communication processes such as customer service Q&A queries. Our preconfigured modules covering banking, insurance, pension, telecom, public sector, education and HR services help you to speed up your journey. You can establish the service in just a few weeks.

This will typically automate 30% of your existing customer contacts with a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Why stop the conversation? Don’t limit the bots to communication. The same service can also act as an automation platform, so it can perform your customers’ transactional request in your back-end systems.
Automation level target


Automation level target


Step 2

Automate routine tasks

To automate half of your customer service transactions, you need Service Bots that seamlessly integrate with your IT systems. We will help you to set up the necessary integrations using our advanced integration platform. It allows you to automate the back-office routines in any IT system with just a few days of work.



Maintain & Develop

A good automation journey is a continual process of improvement. There will always be new needs arising from your customers and new services you want to roll out. We are happy to provide you assistance in further developing the dialogues and integrations. Our AI support services will help you to regularly analyse the dialogues and fine tune them. Our expert team will help you to further develop them so you can continually optimize the degree of automation and the optimization of your customer service.