Easy onboarding and the driving of true value with the right partner:

  • The most experienced Conversational AI implementation team in the Nordics

  • Excellent track record with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94% and a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5

  • Pretrained AI modules for banking, insurance, telco, public sector, education, internal service and general questions

  • Template engine for easy creation of customer-specific training

  • AI support services to ensure true lifetime value of Conversational AI and end-customer satisfaction.


Proven platform with over 250 live implementations:

  • Scalable up to thousands of intents, millions of transactions and tens of languages – on one platform.

  • No-code fully graphical interface

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Changes can be applied without any service break or help from IT

  • Chat window compatible with EU directive for the accessibility of websites and mobile applications (WCAG 2.1. AAA-level)


Unique, powerful NLP optimized for 30 languages including Finnish, Swedish and Danish:

  • Native support for 30 languages, all Nordic languages included

  • Understanding of sentences and semantics instead of key words

  • Native language support including conjugations, declinations and compound words

  • Context aware

  • Automated error correction for spelling mistakes

  • Automated recognition of the conversation language and sentiment analysis

  • Ability to handle multiple intent matches in one customer message – easy elimination of false positives


No programming skills needed to train AI:

  • Training of the AI through simple GUI using just a few example sentences

  • Intents organized as hierarchy tree with full search

  • Customer-specific vocabulary maintained by AI Trainers

  • Suggestions of new intents based on frequent customer questions


Easy maintenance:

  • The whole AI model is fully managed by AI Trainers

  • Automated testing of AI model quality, including regression testing

  • Role-based user profiles maintained by key user

  • Full logging and analysis of conversations

  • Full audit trail

  • Automated recognition of faulty links, missing intents, etc.


Easy integration with current systems and content:

  • Easy integration with market-leading live chat tools

  • Easy, visual back-end systems integration using the GUI

  • Entity extraction fully controlled by the AI Trainer

  • Rich functionality for reusing existing links, videos, images and other existing content

  • Support for strong authentication (e.g. Bank ID, Azure Active Directory)

  • Network of multiple bots and automated session transfers between the bots

  • Single Sign-On support


Support for all communication channels;

  • Chat

  • Social media

  • Voice

  • Collaboration tools such as MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc.