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Make your organization more human with intelligent virtual assistant

Your employees deserve 21st century service

It is created to help organizations to provide their personnel with an always-available and easy-to-use service. It supports employees to resolve common tasks for themselves. This might include employee lifecycle, HR processes, IT helpdesk, finance and other inquires related to working in the organization. The virtual assistant acts as the glue between processes, people, and systems. It helps and guides at precisely the moment it is needed – whatever the question or the role of the person asking it.


The virtual assistant is everyone’s best friend, since it becomes the centralized knowledge base in the organization. It answers employees’ questions instantly and is available 24/7. It can provide service to thousands of people at the same time.

A virtual assistant boosts efficiency

since it does the routine work in the organization. As well as quickly finding and providing the answers needed so your staff can get back to work, it frees up the time of managers and professionals working in internal services such as HR, IT, finance, procurement, communications, and facility management. Instead of answering routine questions, they can focus on tasks that bring more value to the organization. In this way, the knowledge and potential of your staff can be directed towards more complicated tasks. Thanks to this, employees feel more satisfied in their roles.


Improve efficiency


Create scalable internal services


Release time for person to person interaction

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how much an intelligent virtual assistant would cost compared to the other employment costs in your organization.

Many companies already trust the virtual assistant to do their routine tasks:

An intelligent virtual assistant is always available and always has time for you!

The benefits of an internal virtual assistant:

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Better employee experience

  • 24/7 service for employees

  • Redirect staff potential and knowledge to more rewarding tasks

  • Real-time insights into what your employees are asking

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  • Ensure the latest guidance is found swiftly

  • Consistent quality and compliance with industry regulations and company-specific processes

  • Localized results ensure compliance with country-specific laws

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Cost savings

  • Fewer interruptions for your staff

  • Improved work efficiency

  • Scales easily to match your growth

How does an intelligent virtual assistant aid organizations?

Achieve work efficiency and strengthen employee experience
Onboard new employees

Comprehensive onboarding helps newcomers to engage in your organization and succeed in their role. A virtual assistant can support the new employee 24/7.

Instant help for HR inquires

Employees and managers have questions concerning employment, leave, benefits, processes and ways of working. A virtual assistant provides answers instantly 24/7.

Compliance with company processes

Each organization has its own processes and industry-specific regulations. These can change frequently. A virtual assistant guarantees that employees always see the latest advice.

IT support

Enable your organization’s IT professionals to concentrate on the tasks which bring value to the business. Instead, the virtual assistant serves employees with answers to their routine questions.

Implement new systems or processes

New systems and changes to current processes are a fact of life. A virtual assistant plays a vital role in change management by answering and guiding employees and managers.

Office management

A virtual assistant can guide and help employees with inquires related to working in the office. A virtual assistant can also fulfill routine tasks for employees e.g. schedule meetings, etc.

Training & development

With the help of a virtual assistant, employees can find the correct training for themselves. Training schedules can be communicated by the virtual assistant. Employees can self-enroll and receive all relevant study material.

Enhanced target setting

In successful organizations, each individual understands their role and targets. A virtual assistant enhances target setting by guiding employees and managers through the process. Time saved can be diverted to discuss the important issues.

Communicate proactively

Employees can struggle to keep up to date in today's information flood. Your virtual assistant can greet employees each morning and inform them of the latest news in your organization. Plus, it can survey employees to get feedback.

See the virtual assistant in action in the video below.

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how much an intelligent virtual assistant would cost compared to the other employment costs in your organization.