OuluBot – Oulu’s emerging innovations are something other cities will want to follow

A three-year innovation project funded by Business Finland and the City of Oulu is underway, the aim of which is to produce innovations and better serve the needs of local residents during the pilot period. The project is in collaboration with Front AI and Digital Workforce.

At the heart of the project is a modern, conversational and data-secure, AI-based digital customer service agent, OuluBot, which provides local residents with extensive and multi- channel information 24/7. In addition, OuluBot independently handles many service requests and personalised information, such as reporting a lost travel card or perhaps, in the future, the possibility for a resident to find out the status of a building permit. OuluBot is based on boost.ai Conversational AI technology.

The goal of the innovation project is to generate something new and create novel, pioneering solutions as a result of the cooperation between customer and supplier. Already, the OuluBot project has generated many such solutions.

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