Service bot company Front AI appoints a seasoned Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Press release April 26, 2019

The core team of Front AI, delivering Artificial Intelligence based service automation, is growing. To strengthen the existing skills with industry domain and process knowledge, the company has appointed Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Matti Toivonen.

Matti joins Front AI from Ticketmaster, where he was Service Director being responsible for Customer Service and Information Technology. He has a strong track record on leading customer service, service management, process development and information technology. Matti has also founded a professional network,, that aims to develop customer service and experience within Finnish organisations.

“I am extremely happy to see Matti joining the Front AI team. Matti has a long experience in customer service. He will bring with him his expertise to maximize the customer experience and how to automate the customer interactions. I am looking forward to moving customer experience among our customers to a completely different level by combining the best practices and the most modern AI based tools” , said Jari Annala, CEO of Front AI.

“My passion is to constantly develop customer experience and service. The way customers interact with organisations is changing dramatically right now as technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, opens new ways to deliver services. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this revolution from the beginning of Front AI to help organisations to deliver great customer experiences with AI based service automation.” explained Toivonen.

Front AI is leading company specialized in AI based Service Bots understanding natural language and automating the routine contacts in customer service. By utilising neural network based conversational AI solutions, customers are able to go beyond traditional service and offer service based on the demands of the digital era: fast and 24/7.

“The development of natural language processing has taken huge steps lately, especially with the Nordic languages. The 2nd generation AI powered automation platforms can handle smooth communication with excellent availability, scalability and proven customer experience. As the communication is no longer a bottleneck, the automation focus will now turn into executing customer requests. This will be a game-changer for any organisation seeking for better customer experience and performance”, told Toivonen.

Jari Annala, Partner & CEO, Front AI, +358 400 338 585,
Matti Toivonen, Partner & CXO, Front AI, +358 400 422 802,

About Front AI
Front AI is leading company specialising in AI based Service Bots, which understand natural language and automate the routine contacts in customer service. We help our customers to provide automated 24/7 service for their clients. We focus on providing services in the Nordic countries. Our HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland.