The remarkably rapid rise of Säästöpankki Group’s successful conversational AI

With 200 years of serving the financial needs of individuals and communities, Säästöpankki Group is using the power of AI to amplify their success.

The bold digital strategy of Säästöpankki Group has seen them make huge leaps in just a short time. Only a few years ago Säästöpankki did not have any chatbots, not even the simplest button operated ones. Today they offer the best digital customer experience in Finland with the help of intelligent virtual assistants. As result, their customer service staff are now also some of the most satisfied.

Face-to-face service is not possible or cost-effective for every customer, and neither does it make effective use of talented personnel. Säästöpankki Group’s first iteration, Hedvig, created a single source of information, making it easy and fast for staff to access the most up-to-date information.

Miljo, the next evolution of virtual assistant, then became so successful it now takes sole charge of handling unidentified customers, whilst also successfully dealing with over 80% of identified customer interactions.

The Front AI team has received notable praise for their proactivity, commitment, and willingness to find solutions, and the partnership is ialready moving on to the next horizon of challenges.


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