Webinar: How to benefit from Conversational AI in internal crisis communication?

30.04.2020 at 10am EEST

Succeeding in internal crisis communication is not an easy task. Employees expect to access up-to-date information across different channels and formats 24/7. During COVID-19 outbreak it has been harder than ever when new information has been flooding in every day, sometimes even several times a day.

Conversational AI is a viable channel for employers to provide always-on and up-to-date information to employees also in these exceptional times. Conversational AI is never too busy or absent and only replies according to the latest company policies.

Welcome to our webinar on Thursday the 30th at 10am EEST, where Jari Annala and Janne Aaltonen share their experiences and present solutions, how HR can utilise Conversational AI in handling internal communications in this COVID-19 situation.

The discussion topics include:

  • COVID-19 took many organisations by surprise. How has the crisis communication managed to keep up with the situation?
  • What have been the typical ways of communications? Why don’t they seem to be enough in such a rapidly evolving situation?
  • What are people asking? What are typical generic questions and organisation-specific?
  • Can I get started now? How much effort does it take from HR/communications to launch Conversational AI?
  • What does it take to update content? How does it work in practice?


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Janne Aaltonen
Business Director, Med Group

Janne works currently at Med Group as a Business Director responsible for healthcare services, and  is consulting anesthesiologist and MBA by education. Earlier he has worked as a C-level officer in Helsinki University Hospital. Janne considers himself as a gadget freak and feels enthusiastic about AI services such as Amazon Alexa. See more


Jari Annala
CEO, Front AI

Jari is CEO and co-founder of Front AI. He has a long experience for working as business leased in international service organisations, automating processes, streamlining processes and reorganizing the activities. He has been leading growth organisations in good times as well as turnaround/crisis companies in down turn.