Front AI appoints Nina Koskela as Head of Internal VA

Front AI has appointed Nina Koskela to lead the business development and sales of Internal Virtual Agents (HR /IT). Nina has started in her new position 24 January 2022. Nina has extensive experience in HR and Recruiting, and before joining Front AI, she worked as a HR & Recruiting Services Director at Accountor.


Internal Virtual Agents are a fast-growing application area of Conversational AI. Internal Virtual Agents add value by increasing staff satisfaction, streamlining operations, and making the organization more effective.


”I believe that people are the core of the business. The whole organization will succeed by helping people succeed and enjoy their work. Technologies, such as Conversational AI, bring entirely new opportunities for HR and IT to serve employees better than before. I’m excited to build these solutions for innovative HR organizations in the Nordics.”,

says Nina Koskela, Head of Internal VA, Front AI.


”We are delighted to have Nina join our team; she brings a wealth of expertise and experience in HR and internal services to our team. For us, customer service is not just external customer service but also internal helpdesks serving employees. Individuals do not switch their behaviour when they enter the office doors and become employees. They continue acting a lot like consumers: they demand 24/7 service and want instant replies and chat-based dialogues. In general, they refuse to go back to the eighties and search all needed information from an employee handbook or call their manager by telephone.”,

tells Jari Annala, CEO of Front AI.


About Front AI
Front AI automates customer and employee touchpoints with local natural language and AI. Front AI specializes in Conversational AI services and is proud of its superior customer satisfaction (NPS 97). The company has delivered over 30 Conversational AI projects in the Nordics. Founded in 2019, Front AI employs over 20 natural language and AI professionals in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.