HR chatbot specialising in corona virus-related questions.

Front AI has developed an HR chatbot, which specialises in corona virus-related questions and its effects in your organisation’s working conditions and environment. The HR bot uses Conversational AI, and it answers employees’ corona questions around-the-clock using natural language.

The bot is delivered from customer’s intranet, has a customizable visual layout, and contains organisation-specific guidelines in addition to generic content.

Employees can quickly find answers to their corona related questions, such as:

• When can I stay off from work?
• What about salary?
• Do I need a medical certificate?
• Does my employer apply for Social Insurance Institution benefits, or do I do it myself?
• Are we allowed to work from home?
• Does my insurance cover working from home?
• What if my family members get sick?
• Quarantine?
• Symptoms?
• Protective measures and guidelines

The service contains general Corona-related questions, as well as organisation-specific inquiries regarding employment relationships and policies. New questions are added to the service as users submit them, and generic content is automatically accessible to everyone. Maintaining information is real-time and easy.

We have developed this service in co-operation with our clients, and our partner ONNI Health ensures the correctness of our health care guidelines.

Frequently asked questions about deploying the corona bot

Is artificial intelligence expensive?
No, we have packaged the service and content, and artificial intelligence works in a shared environment. The HR bot is the most economical neural network-based application so far. Contact Jari Annala for pricing details.

Is artificial intelligence difficult?
No, it is not. We have trained artificial intelligence on your behalf. You will only need to add your organisation-specific responses.

Are setup and maintenance tedious?
No, they are not. The deployment will take less than half a day and daily maintenance less than 30 minutes. To how many unnecessary queries is your HR department responding daily?

I already have useful QA lists?
I doubt it. The situation is changing fast, and the information is getting outdated in hours. People usually read QA lists once and do not return even if the situation changes and the content is updated.

You can try out the HR bot now (the service is in Finnish). We will be launching the HR bot also in Swedish and Danish soon.

The service is delivered from a centralised cloud platform and does not require any upfront investment. The organisation can maintain its answers or use default responses of its choice. You can change replies in real-time, or we can manage the content for you as a service. The HR bot gives general advice following the organisation’s policy and does not take a stand on personal matters. The platform complies with the GDPR requirements.

The employer’s HR bot can be configured in days, making it possible to launch the service quickly to employees.