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Kela develops customer service: Digital Workforce selected as the new chatbot technology supplier

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and Digital Workforce have signed a four-year agreement that covers the implementation of an intelligent chatbot technology platform.

Kela has an essential role in providing social security coverage to the Finnish population at different stages of life. In terms of the number of customer service interactions across all channels, its operations are among the largest in Finland. Kela also offers services to employers on a range of issues affecting their workforce. In 2020, Kela completed a total of about 3 million office- and call center-based customer service interactions. Additionally, there were a total of 64.4 million log-ins to Kela’s e-services. Seventy-two percent of all benefit applications reviewed by Kela were filed online.

Kela has taken steps to improve not only its e-service offering but also its customer service function, adopting various automation, robotics, and AI solutions to improve efficiency and customer orientation. Kela has extensive experience with chatbots, having used them in customer service since 2017 to offer quick and convenient access to customer service around the clock.

Digital Workforce will supply an innovative conversational AI solution (chatbot) in collaboration with Front AI, Finland’s leading supplier of intelligent chatbots for customer service.

Responding to changing needs
As part of the deal, Kela will be able to deploy the latest-generation chatbot platform, which is more technically sophisticated than its predecessors. Kela’s chatbots already now understand Finnish and Swedish. The new platform allows a more advanced analysis of natural language (text and speech), making it possible to provide services that are more intelligent, customer-driven, and personalized for customers.

The main goal with the new platform is to guarantee Kela’s ability to respond to the changing needs of its customers both now and in the future. The platform boosts operational efficiency, which ensures that customer service staff have sufficient time for human-to-human interactions.

Digital Workforce can also scale up chatbot capabilities flexibly by deploying additional Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technologies.


Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce is a global leader in delivering intelligent automation solutions for public and private sector organizations. It offers services, tools, and expertise to support clients across the automation lifecycle. Cloud services are the easiest way to build an industrial automation solution that scales with clients’ needs. RPA maintenance ensures that automation solutions can be fully leveraged around the clock.

Front AI

Front AI – a forerunner in customer service automation – specializes in Conversational AI-based Service Bots that fluently understand natural language. The company provides organizations with cutting-edge solutions that help streamline customer service by automating customer queries as well as back-office routine work. Front AI’s Service Bots empower organizations to leverage high-quality automated customer self-service around the clock, fluently in all Nordic languages. The company’s operations are established in the Nordic countries, and its head office is located in Helsinki.


Additional information

Riikka Lindroos-Järvitalo, Project Manager
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Jari Annala,, CEO, Partner
Tel. 0400 338 585

Timo Maisila, Digital Workforce, Head of Sales Public