Virtual Agent at Nets Merchant Services – Case Netta

The customer service team at Nets Merchant Services consists of over 400 professionals who help merchants solve any issues they may have with payments. On average, the customer service team has one million interactions per year, traditionally received and solved by phone calls and emails.

The analysis of customer interactions showed that AI could handle 50% of queries, which would free up agents’ time to solve more complex tasks.

Read this case study to learn how Netta, A Virtual Agent for Support and Sales, is helping out the team at Nets.

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“We are very happy with the co-operation with Front AI helping us continuously optimising and expanding the usage of our chatbot. This together with the support from and the strong relationship between Front AI and is for us very valuable”
Jan Hayden-Jensen, Projects & Automation, Nets Merchant Services


About Nets Merchant Services

Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets Merchant Services delivers services to over 700,000 merchant outlets, including over 140,000 online merchant outlets throughout the Nordic region and mainland Europe – from large corporations to smaller enterprises and micro-merchants.

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