Webinar: Three ways of improving work efficiency in internal services with a virtual assistant

Time: Thursday September 1st, 2022 at 12-12.45 pm EEST (11-11.45 am CEST)

Are you looking for ways to cost-efficiently build your organization’s internal services (e.g. HR, IT, finance, procurement)? Do you need a structure which adapts to business needs and scales up and down? This is possible by utilizing the strengths of humans and technology and creating teams, including humans and digital workers.

An intelligent internal virtual assistant is designed for repetitive tasks and routine work. Internal virtual assistants help organizations provide consistently available and easy-to-use internal services to their personnel. A virtual assistant is Artificial Intelligence (AI) based assistant that understands natural language and interacts with humans. It acts as the glue between processes, people and systems in an organization being available 24/7. Virtual assistants answer people’s questions and can help thousands of people simultaneously without skipping a bit in the service.

As virtual assistants do most of the routine work, internal services experts can focus their time on tasks that are more complex, creative or need emotional intelligence. Experts stay motivated since they can use their knowledge and potential widely and don’t have to answer the same repetitive daily inquiries.

In addition, there are fewer interruptions in the work community since a virtual assistant helps and guides each person, employees and managers alike, when needed and addresses those topics that the individual is wondering. Reducing interruptions saves time and also improves employees’ well-being. According to studies, interruptions make people experience higher workload, more stress, higher frustration and more time pressure*)

We welcome you to an inspiring and practical webinar to learn what an AI-based virtual assistant is – what it does, what problems it can solve and how it can help improve efficiency in internal services!

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Tiila Käenniemi, AI Operations Manager
Tiila Käenniemi’s expertise includes ensuring the quality of AI models and understanding natural language processing. At Front AI, Tiila has trained several people with different backgrounds as trainers of virtual assistants both in client companies and internally.

Nina Koskela, Head of Internal VA
Nina Koskela has worked in internal HR, as an HR consultant and as a business director for HR services. She is passionate about creating a better working life for individuals and work communities. Currently Nina is responsible for internal virtual assistants at Front AI.

*) Source: Mark Gloria, Gudith Daniela, Klocke Ulrich. The cost of interrupted work