Front AI appoints regional sales manager to Finland

Front AI has appointed Ray Byman to lead the company’s sales in Finland. Ray has started in his new position on the 4th of May, 2020.

Ray is a skilled Sales Professional with robust and extensive experience and competence in leading and developing customer needs-driven sales, sales processes and organisation. Before joining Front AI Ray was the Head of InsideSales team in Posti Postal Service.


I am very excited to join Front AI, an innovative startup, which is the leading company specialising in next-generation artificial intelligence-based service bots. Our service has been well received in the Finnish markets. Our customers have gained excellent results in improving efficiency and service availability. I look forward to supporting our customers and helping other organisations to reach similar benefits by revolutionising and streamlining their customer service processes, says Ray Byman.

We have over ten customers in Finland and many projects starting soon. We are happy that Ray will lead our sales in Finland. He has a strong customer-oriented sales approach.  He enjoys and has a track record of solving customer needs, increasing customer satisfaction and building long-term customer relationships, tells Jari Annala, CEO and Co-Founder of Front AI.


Front AI provides a full range of services for Conversational AI in customer service. Front AI’s intelligent Service Bots understand any language or dialect and do not mind about spelling mistakes. The Service Bots serve your clients by completing service requests and executing routine tasks automatically 24/7 without human intervention. The Bots are delivered from cloud-based enterprise platform covering multiple countries, multiple languages and multiple businesses.