Webinar: How Conversational AI solved almost all attendee inquiries at Slush?

13.5.2020 at 10 am EEST (9am CEST)


Europe’s largest startup Slush used Conversational AI at the 2019 event, and resolved 90% of attendee inquiries with its Virtual Agent, Botzilla. Slush, the famous hotspot of startups, VCs and tech enthusiasts, attracts 25,000 attendees and is committed to delivering an exceptional customer service experience with the help of its staff and the state-of-art technology.

Despite strong in-house development tradition and skills, Slush decided this time to build Botzilla using commercial technology in order to speed up the development and selected the platform. The project took only 6 weeks from start to go-live.

Based on the experience from previous years Slush was prepared to handle inquiries also manually with a team of 12 volunteer support agents. It turned out that Botzilla was able to reach a 90% resolution rate freeing up 10 volunteer support agents to help with other event tasks.

Welcome to our webinar on Wednesday the 13th of May at 10 am EEST (9am CEST), where Rasmus Ekholm, Head of Product at Slush and Jari Annala, CEO of Front AI, share their expert view on using Conversational AI to create an engaging customer experience.


The discussion topics include:

  • Slush’s journey with chatbots
  • Training Conversational AI – experiences and recommendations
  • What did the attendees ask? What was achieved?
  • How was the feedback from the attendees?
  • Slush’s plans going forward.


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Rasmus Ekholm
Head of Product, Slush

Rasmus Ekholm is heading the software team of Slush, the team behind software products such as Matchmaking by Slush and Slush Platform. In prior to his leadership role at Slush, he spent two years traveling around Europe launching Slush events in London, Paris & Berlin, making sure that the European startup ecosystem was aware of Slush.

Jari Annala
CEO, Front AI

Jari is CEO and co-founder of Front AI. He has a long experience for working as business leased in international service organisations, automating processes, streamlining processes and reorganizing the activities. He has been leading growth organisations in good times as well as turnaround/crisis companies in down turn.

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