Webinar: Business Impact of Implementing GenAI with Conversational AI

Webinar: Business Impact of Implementing GenAI with Conversational AI

Wednesday 20th September at 9.00-9.50 CEST (10.00-10.50 EEST)

Join us for a deep dive into the business impact of implementing GenAI with Conversational AI. This webinar will explore real-life case examples from clients across various industries who have successfully integrated GenAI into their Conversational AI solutions built with technology. Discover what customers are actually experiencing and learn about their findings after the initial hype has settled.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding Real-World Implementation: Gain insights into how businesses effectively use GenAI to improve personalized customer service and increase productivity within their Conversational AI solutions. Learn how it can be utilized in a controlled way with low risk to make Conversational AI projects significantly more efficient than earlier.
  • Business Impact and Results: Explore the tangible benefits organizations have witnessed by implementing GenAI. Discover how it has improved user experience, reduced time to market, increased automation, and provided valuable insights to enhance future strategies.
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Learn from our clients’ experiences as they share their challenges, successes, and valuable lessons learned during the implementation process.
  • Walk away with practical tips and best practices for integrating GenAI effectively into your own Conversational AI solution.

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Henry Vaage Iversen, Co-Founder,
Henry Vaage Iversen is a co-founder and the Chief Commercial Officer at, a Norwegian and US-based software company specializing in AI-powered customer interactions. Henry was instrumental in establishing key relationships with the company’s early clients, helping to cement as a major player in the Nordics. Today, Henry continues to flex his business acumen, fostering existing relationships while expanding’s vision for conversational AI into new markets and leading the company’s global sales team across Europe and the U.S. Henry holds a Master’s Degree in strategy and management from the University of Stavanger.

Jari Annala, CEO, Partner, Front AI
Jari is the CEO and co-founder of Front AI, a Nordic expert in customer service automation. He has a long experience in working as a business leader in international service organizations, automating and streamlining processes and developing operations. He has been leading growth organizations both in good and more challenging times.