How about moving your internal services to the 21st century with a virtual assistant?

When we at Front AI entered the Conversational AI business, we promised Reimagine the customer service and be a game-changer there. For us, customer service can be external customer service, but it can also be internal IT or HR helpdesk serving your employees. Individuals do not switch roles so that in their free time, they would be behaving like consumers demanding 24/7 service, instant replies, and chat-based dialogues during the weekends. And then, in their working time, they would go back to the eighties and search all needed information from an employee handbook or call their boss by telephone. Or having a second thought, maybe they do. In many organisations, they do not have a choice. How about you? Would you like to provide your employees with modern 21st-century service instead?

Employer branding is more important than ever

Providing good employee service is quite essential for many employers today. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many employees feel a bit disengaged and a bit lost. I hope you do not want to push them even further away with old tools and information hiding. I have heard people calling the intranet with a nickname “cemetery of information” in many organisations. It is challenging to find what you are looking for since the search tools are not very good. Even if you manage to find the proper instruction pdf, there might be several different versions available.

We frequently face the fact that customers are using different terms than we use internally. Customers often even see things from a different perspective, like buying instead of selling or receiving instead of shipping. Often we have the same dilemma with HR or the IT help desk. The terms HR or IT experts are using are not usually the same ones the employees are using.

Serving employees can be pretty costly as well

Even if you would forget the employee experience and observe the world from a financial perspective, it is pretty easy to see how costly it would be to lose, rehire and induct an employee. Alternatively, it is easy to imagine that an employee asks a pretty trivial question, which you need to ask your manager – this not costing only one person’s salary but two. If the manager needs to call the HR helpdesk to check the correct answer, three persons are involved… Therefore, quite many organisations have started to “hire virtual HR assistants” for every employee.

Think about how great it would be if you learn as part of your introduction to the organisation that you have a personal, 24/7 internal virtual assistant that knows you by name and can help you in all HR, IT, Finance and admin related routine tasks. And you no longer need to revert to your manager asking whether moving your home is a paid or unpaid day off or how to book a meeting room with appropriate servings. Instead, you can focus on discussions about your personal development and learning targets for this month with your boss.

How internal virtual assistant can help to deploy the processes for real

When you start to think about internal services, the possibilities are almost endless, starting from basic questions about working in the company and ending very sophisticated transactional services like completing the compulsory compliance training with the bot or ordering a company credit card. Many organisations have also seen opportunities when it regards to almost endless agony about implementing processes. What could be a better way to ensure that a process is followed than introducing a virtual assistant who employees can always ask what they should do next. Also, when you change the process, you need to update the assistant to make sure everybody follows the new process.

Many banks and insurance companies have already seen an opportunity here. They have a long row on complex services and instructions for special situations. I do not believe any human being could master all of them, especially when the rules change now and then due to regulatory changes or product development. The same probably applies to many other organisations. Wouldn’t it be great that you had a proper ISO 9001 deployed process instead of a bit dusty handbook that needs to be revisited regularly almost every year just before the audit so that you can answer the auditor’s questions?

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