Webinar: How should HR and Managers plan to return to the workplace after COVID-19 spring?

Webinar | Thursday the 20th August | 9:00-9:50 CEST | 10:00-10:50 EEST

We are facing a new situation in work-life following COVID-19. There is a lot of uncertainty around returning to workplaces. Employees have experienced this crisis in many different ways, and they have a high volume of questions to HR and management. Some feel depressed; some are eager to return to the office, while others are more reluctant and fearful with the uncertainty. Furthermore, the overall settings are dynamic, and no one knows what follows next.

The welfare and safety of the workers should be a top priority for all managers; it is also the foundation for getting the business back to normal and on a growth track. How can HR and managers support employees’ well-being and smoothly onboard people back to work: onsite, remote or a combination of the two? How to effectively communicate the new national and organisation-specific guidelines, protocols and rules in this new and changing situation, and make sure that employees understand what leaders expect from them?

Join our webinar with Lena Mangell, a well-known psychologist and leader&career coach, who helps leaders with their professional and personal development. She runs her own company Life&Career since 20 years. Lena provides executive outplacement, stressmanagement, coaching, mentoring and training. She has experience from both the government, the parliament and private companies in all sectors.

The key take-aways

• How has our worklife changed after corona?
• Tips to face people as humans, lead with empathy and deal with the most common questions HR department will get
• How can Conversational AI support that all facts are delivered to the employees at all times
• How Conversational AI can support that COVID-19 facts and organisation’s latest guidelines about the “New Normal” are available for all employees at any time 24/7.


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